but look at super scruffy, grown man-looking 22 year old louis


and pretty, soft, fashionable, & glowy 20 year old harry


take this information and imagine whatever you wish


You would pick that number. Don’t worry it will happen soon. First I love you lots and you were the first one direction friend I made even thought we didn’t even become friends through one direction. I’m glad that we went through our carrot phase together and you guided me out of mine. And I probably would still suck at tumblr and have negative two followers and not know what Photoshop was if it wasn’t for you. Also LARRY. I probably would be a sataninist with out you so thank bae. I remember I was afraid to tell you I read fic at first bc I thought you would think I was weird. L O L But you’re one of my close friends and it’s been like 3 years wow holy shit that’s weird. I’m still planning on coming to you and going to your one story mall. Piece out home slice ✌️



MY LOVE. you are the first friend I’ve made on this website (thank god for tvd) and I consider you a close friend now ur welcome for telling u about louis n Harry and their great love can’t wait till the day I text you unicorn or whatever it was

UNICORN! I can’t breathe. Love you to bae

I’m stalking Emma’s blog

Mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you



have you ever been so obsessed with something that it made you angry because you physically cannot shut the fuck up about it