top sport fics! (lovely edit made by her, more top 5 recs here!)

you and me were kings

harry plays football in a small town in west texas. louis might be the only person that doesn’t give a damn.

sing when you’re winning

harry’s a chronically underpaid magazine intern and louis is the premier league’s first gay footballer.

don’t have to go to the pool

louis is the captain of the swim team, harry is in love with him a bit, and there’s this ritual before big meets.

we’ve got nothing to lose

harry is a pro tennis player, and louis is a pro footballer.

we should get jerseys

harry is a hockey player, and louis is his slightly melodramatic boyfriend.


i wanna lie on the floor and not think for a month or two.

Zayn being effortlessly cool.


New unlock pic from 1Dwwabookapp (mine)

"Being in 1D is all-consuming. I need to make time for other things or I wouldn’t do anything else!"

christinamackenzie: What a giggle…@harrystyles pretending to be pregnant with me 4months pregnant and not looking it..thanks for looking out for me!#4monthspregnant #harrystyles @athinaandrelos